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An Extra £200 Next Month?

I am going through the 20 cogs website. Basically a series of offers, sites, competitions etc to work through.
Once you have done it you can earn up to £400 – the average is around £200 depending on what offers you are taking. Once I hit the total I will be cashing out straight away and putting it straight into next year’s holiday pot!! 😎😎
Pro tip: Use a different email address, maybe set up a new one if you don’t have more than one as they may send you offers etc. All part of the process, unfortunately.
There is no time-frame, you can just work through them in your own time. I realize this type of thing is not for everyone but I thought I would share it here. (You get £5 just for starting out – so nothing to lose really)
Remember: You have to complete all 20 cogs so if you are not in it for the long run then I’d give it a miss. Up to you. 

Like, I say I am prepared to give it a go and see what I can get from it. You also from time to time will have to sign up to paid offers in order to qualify for the commissions. 

But most of the time you can opt for a low value trial etc – its marketing remember, they are basically paying for your data.
If you want to start earning some extra cash with this offer then here my sign up link here (AFF link):