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John Banks here, the owner of Side Income Man!

I am an Engineer from the South of UK. I live with my wife (to be!) and my two wonderful daughters.

The girls in Norway

For about the last 7 years or so now throughout my working career I have always had a side income stream so to speak.

People say I am mad as I am usually always up to something online. I don’t think I have fully figured out what I want or need out of life just yet so until then I plan to continue on my ventures.

me with the kids

My plan now though is to show others who may need some help financially just exactly HOW I DO IT and more importantly THAT YOU CAN TOO!

So whether you are a part time Mum looking for extra cash, maybe you are a full time Mum who wants to spend more time with your children then I will be able to help you.

Maybe you are a student and don’t want to get into too much debt, I can help you! ( Or just need some extra beer tokens!)

Maybe you are saving up for a new car or an exciting family holiday – I CAN HELP YOU.

Over the years I have dabbled in many areas online.

Rather unusually – the first money I made on the internet was not with eBay (as most people tend to start with). I actually made my first few pounds with a really crappy website and some Adsense (Google advertising) ads scattered on the site.

I remember getting really excited about it and thinking “This is amazing! I will be handing my notice in soon” – sadly, it didn’t take off, and I never handed my notice in…..

Shortly after this I entered eBay, I sold a few bits a bobs around the house and made a few quid. This was great I thought – but how could I scale it?

It was around about the time Kindle and other ebook readers started to hit the market, so I started to target them.

I would download thousands of public domain ebooks and copy them onto DVDs and sell them as bundles on ebay. It worked well, and soon enough I had a good range of products and was selling more than I could copy!

But loads of people came along and undercut everyone else including me. Soon the margins became to low for it even to be worth my time.

It was good fun while it lasted.

Onto the next.

I went back into web design again, in fact I still do this. I actually set up a company which is involved in online media, Adsense again was and still is a big part of that business.

I am also back on eBay – but not selling ebooks on disks!

I now have a solid 3 good streams coming in outside of my day job. These are all very achievable for anyone to take on.

My plan is to show you how to do just that.

Plus many more hopefully!

This blog is will hopefully grow into a place where people can come and learn a few tricks and methods to make a few extra pounds. I know it will be that.

I also know that with some hard work and learning some new skills people can achieve a lot more than just a side income stream!

Let’s do this…..

me and wife

See you on the inside.


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