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The Podcast Dedicated To Creating & Learning Skills To Give You More Freedom

I have partnered up with my good friend to create this podcast all about side hustles, mindset, tools of the trade and ultimately freedom skills.

This is a brand new venture for us both so thank you for stopping by to give it some time. I hope you can get some value from it. As always you can reach me on Instagram if you would like any topics covered or even to come on the show as a guest! If you have a story to share in this field we’d love to hear about it!

You’ll find the latest episodes here as well as links to the show on Spotify and Google Podcasts below.

008 - How To Make Money With Simple Arbitrage

Arbitrage has been around as long as people have been doing business. Its the age of model of getting something at one price and gaining more from it at another price. This does not just apply to physical products. Listen here for more.

007 - Why You Shouldn't Trust The Newspapers

Copywriting basics and why you should not always trust the newspapers. We talk about tribes, copywriting, the nudge effect plus more.

006 - Why You Should Stop Consuming & Start Creating

Stop consuming and start creating. The majority of people in life fall into the consumer bracket. You need to shift your mindset from that to the creator one. Here is why.

005 - How To Make Your First £500 Seed Fund

Most likely to start a real profitable online business you will need some up front captial to get things off the ground. This episode will break down the basics and how you can earn some seed money. 

004 - The Importance Of An Email List

In this episode Andi & I talk about the importance of email lists, what they are, and what “lead magnets” you can create to start growing your own.

003 - How To Create A Course, Blog, eBook or ANY Product With Just ONE Hour Per Day

We all have 24 hours in a day. It is how we choose to spend that time what separates us. This podcast episode talks about how you can create your own product using just one hour of focused time per day.

002 - How To Make Money From Satirical News Blogs

Did you know you can make good money from writing small satire on your own blog? Here is how!

001 - Publishing Your Own eBooks & Paperbacks

This first episode is all about publishing your own written content. This can be in the form of a paperback or as an eBook. Both can be sold or given away with ZERO upfront costs!

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