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Free Website Course

FREE COURSE: How To Build Your First Website!


Hello and welcome to my free 17 part video guide on building your first website. You will learn all the essentials here from buying the domain to getting your first post published. Once you go through these videos there is nothing stopping you building your own website or blog!

As always get in touch if you need any further help.

If you enjoy it and get value from it then take action and build something! You could also be really nice and tell your friends too if you think they may find it useful!

Note: All these videos are hosted from my web design YouTube channel. Be patient whilst they load. Enjoy!

You will need hosting for this and I ONLY EVER recommend Siteground for this. If you sign up using my link you can get in for just £2.95 per month!

This is for a single site (see below the options)

Video 1: How To Install WordPress On A New Domain

Hosting used: Siteground

Video 2: How To Create Your First Post

Video 3: How To Add Images To Your Posts

Video 4: Where To Get Pictures You Can Use For Free

Picture source used: Pixabay

Video 5: How To Add Different Categories

Video 6: How To Add Tags To Your Posts

Video 7: How To Add Links To Your Posts

Video 8: How To Change The Header On Your Blog

Video 9: How To Change The Admin Name

Video 10: How To Add Featured Images To Posts

Video 11: How To Add And Remove Widgets

Video 12: How To Add Pages And Menus

Video 13: How To Add A Contact Form To Your Blog

Video 14: How To Add Videos To Blog Posts

Video 15: How To Install Share Buttons To Your Blog

Video 16: How To Make Your Featured Images With Canva

Video 17: How To Create A Sitemap And Install Yoast

There we go. There is enough there for you to get at least the basics of a fully functional website or blog up and running!

Hopefully you can build something from these videos! If you get stuck then get in touch and I will try to assist in anyway I can!

Having a website can be a great way to start earning a second income!

Best of luck!


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