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Freelance Writing & Copywriting For A Living – SL#12

fiona chapman

In this spotlight, I spoke with Fiona Chapman and she shared her tips for her freelance and copywriting business. Also, there are many side hustles she also speaks about such as matched betting and mystery shopping.

It was great to speak to someone who has set up their own business doing something they are passionate about.

Things mentioned in the spotlight:

  • Why copywriting will be around for a long time yet
  • How to find copywriting clients
  • Matched betting as a side hustle
  • Mystery shopping as a side gig

You can check out our chat here:

I would like to thank Fiona and wish her every success with her freelance writing journey.

Please head over to Fiona’s blog at Financially Independent Me. You can also reach out to her on her Instagram where she also posts other money-making and money-saving tips.

Other related spotlights:

For me, the key takeaway from this is that Fiona was prepared to learn and put the effort into her new industry. Writing is a basic skill but writing copy and writing to a certain style a client wants is not straightforward. Some copywriters charge thousands of pounds just for a single sales letter. To get a piece of copy converting takes time and effort.

I am 100% sure Fiona will reach her goals with her blog and copywriting business.

If you found any of this useful or perhaps you yourself think you have what it takes to earn an income from writing then please get in touch by joining the Facebook group here where you can share your ideas with other like-minded individuals.


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