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How To Start A Side Hustle With Just One Hour Per Day

start a side hustle

Time is the one constant we all have. Either way we look at it, we all have the same 24 hours in one day. It is how we choose to USE that time that is different.

In this post, we are going to be discussing how to start a side hustle with just one hour per day.

I know we all have lives and the daily grinds to deal with. Well, guess what? So do most people.

I think there are two different types of people in this world. You have the doers on one side, then the moaners on the other side. These can also be put into similar brackets called creators and consumers.

This is a general rule of course, not 100% but doers tend to find out ways to solve problems, to take action, to try things. Whereas moaners will just tend to blame someone else, they will think that they can’t possibly solve this, it must be someone else’s fault or problem to figure out.

A moaner will say: “I can’t possibly afford that!”

A doer will say: “How can I afford that?”

You can do incredible things with just one focused hour per day. That’s it, just one. You can write a book in a month, you could build an entire website for someone, you could learn how to trade, you could set up your own print on demand store, you could create a course, you could run an Amazon FBA business – basically you could do a lot and you could make something magical if you just focus yourself and use your time wisely.

In episode 3 of the podcast I sat down with my friend and we discussed this as well as plenty of excellent time management strategies and focused tips.

So next time you are thinking of binge-watching the next show on Netflix or playing 3 hours of Xbox per night yet wondering if you are really happy in life, or you “wish” you sometimes had a little more – then maybe you could be spending your time a little better?

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